AMENOstudio deals with research and production in the field of design, experimenting with possible interactions between apparently distant materials, techniques and aesthetics.

Jessica Gastaldo, graduated in “Interior Design” at La Sapienza University in Rome, with a master’s degree in “Digital Architecture” at IN / ARCH National Institute of Architecture. She has collaborated for several years with various architectural studios in Milan, dealing with interior / product / exhibit design.
In 2014 she returned to her town in south Italy, Lecce, and undertook her own research on design and self-construction, collaborating with various organizations for the design of environmentally friendly furniture and products made with waste materials. In 2015 she started approaching issues related to new production technologies and the maker movement, designing and producing for a Lecce company various FDM 3D printer models.
Currently she carries on an independent research and experimentation path that deals with possible interactions between traditional (tailoring, woodworking, ceramics …) and digital crafts (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling) in order to realize products born from the combination of different and seemingly irreconcilable techniques and materials. To do this, she uses the collaboration of artisans, designers and makers of the Apulia region.